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Yayınlanma Tarihi:Ağustos 2018

Lisans:CC BY 3.0 (alt bilgi kısmında copyright bilgileri kalmalıdır)

Kredi:Images from Unsplash

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Libro - the perfect way to showcase your interests like an open book. This template allows you to utilize a split-screen approach to content hosting. Mixing the classic with the modern, Libro creates beautiful minimalism in its design that is bound to keep visitors eyes on your content. A sticky slider at the top will help you make sure that the best pieces you’ve created are noticed, while other content is chronologically displayed right below.

Personal blog, opinion blog, freelance journalism or creative writing page? Libro will be perfect for all of these uses. It’s simple, straightforward and positively beautiful. Take advantage of minimal, but beautiful and engaging animation, smooth scrolling and an easily navigable layout. Your visitors will forget the time when using your website!